Monday, 7 April 2014



See the article 'My Humble Retraction' where I explain why I found it necessary to retract my words.

I was a firm believer, an avid acceptor of a grand delusion. The delusion that I have today come to crush oh! too strongly. The belief that “If you do right, right will come right back to you.” And so I walked in the narrow path of gentleness, and trekked on the thorny road of friendliness. All sorts of hand grenades were hurled my way by every Tom, Dick and Harry; curses, abuse, and general ill-treatment.  But no! I continued to do good for “One day, good would do me good.”
Then one day, I soliloquized on all of my past affirmations and had the grandest realization of all revealed to me. It was all sugar-coated, non-sensical rubbish!
I had always believed that whereas the world was full of injustice, one man can change the universe. Oh! What nonsense that is! All colossal crap served to us on a silver plate by most of man-kind. They said; or rather, they say, “It starts with you.” Ha-ha! No it doesn’t! it never has—probably never will!
Let’s reason this together, shall we? So I’m expected to believe that if I treat somebody better, the world will change? If I say ‘Thank You’ to a person who does me ill, the universe will somehow change its dimensions, flip upside-down and stop being full of injustice? Really? Is that even plausible?
And so, eventually, after much thought, I have decided to abandon this belief. I have dumped it down the pit of forgetfulness and turned to it a blind eye. Instead, let’s speak truth! Let’s not live in delusions of a one-time Utopian society coming to life. “It’s a dog-eat-dog society!” a close compatriot of mine once said. Human beings; you and I, have lost all of our rationality. It is no longer we who live but the irrational animal instructs in us!
Let’s face it. We act compulsively. You try and deny it? Well, if not so, why is there so much war in the world today? Why are fathers slaughtering their families mercilessly? Why are millions of women being delved into the cornucopia of human trafficking under the deceit of finding jobs? Accept it, you bigot! This is a lawless society we live in! Tell me, if it wasn’t, would babies be getting raped by old, aging fools? My goodness, let’s speak truth and say it without any shadow of doubt; it is a damned dog-eat-dog society!
But, please, don’t get me wrong. The perpetrators of such heinous acts should and must be punished duly. If the law fails to deal with them effectively, then mob justice will do just fine.
But just before you do wrong and your conscience questions you on whether you would like the same done unto you, please, at all costs, crush that thought and proceed with your fault. In the words of the character Katherine Stockmann from Henrik Ibsen’s An Enemy Of The People, “Yes, I understand they treated you disgracefully; but Good Heavens, you have to put up with so much injustice in the world.”

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