Saturday, 15 December 2018


As is with anyone else, I have had a fair share of good and bad decisions in my life: some not as bad as others. An example of a bad decision was hosting this blog on the Blogspot platform. Rather poetically, a great decision was starting this blog.

I started out just after high school in 2014 and I remember the joy with which I set up the first post and sent it live. The thing with that article; The Grand Delusion, is that I’d been widely influenced by someone else to write it and I’m not even sure if I really believed what I wrote in that article.
It’s no wonder that a few months down the line, I wrote My Humble Retraction and recanted the beliefs I’d held just a month earlier.In fact, I think this is the perfect example of the ‘coming of age’ that I’ve experienced through this whole blogging thing.

A wonderful friend of mine once happened to read them from the first one to the last (I was amazed by that; but that’s not the point). She later called me and explained how different and maturer the posts became as they got more recent, and that is my point.

As I’ve grown older, the posts took a mature point of view and they found their climax in the last two posts before this one; The Psychology of Jesus As A Superhero and “Life Is Meaningless”.

Another great favourite of mine was when we had to outsource the help of a music producer (shout-out to Ndani Ya Nyumba Productions) so we could put together Kendrick Lamar featuring Elevation Worship – ISAIAH 55.

Nevertheless, the time has come for me to move on.
This is the E.O.T.R.

End of the Road.

An option would be to move on and delete this website entirely. However, in the same way that I didn’t delete the first post I ever made just because I didn’t believe in it any longer, I see no need to delete this website either.

That said, thank you so much for walking with me through those 4 years; the comments on the articles, the encouraging texts that kept me going, the sharing on social media with your friends and family, the “Why haven’t you posted in so long?” questions that I hated so much but yet appreciated them even more…
Thank you for having been a part of this journey.
This is it now.
In the words of Tony Stark, “Part of the journey is the end.”

So what next?
Well, I cherish honesty. Not just in interpersonal relationships, but also as a value that I believe we ought to keep in our intrapersonal lives: honesty in thought process, and honesty with self.

I don’t think this is the reason why I named the blog JustBeingBrutallyHonest (I don’t remember the real reason actually!), but I do know that it is the motivation behind the new website;

Find me there.
Come; let us reflect together.

Soli Deo Gloria.

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